Latex Karlsruhe
ZKM Karlsruhe, Negative Space 2019, not exhibited

The Installation was commissioned for the exhibition Negative Space in ZKM Karlsruhe but wasn’t exhibited due to insufficient gallery space.
The new concept is a step away from our other installations and relies tentatively on our experiences with scenography and theatrical transformation.It posits an archetypal domestic / interior space whose surfaces are fully covered in a thin layer of natural rubber. The room was painted over and over again with liquid rubber (latex) to achive a thick and elastic skin that encloses all the furniture and objects inside, and is strong enough to rip them in and out. The space thus assumes a strange, muted appearance, akin to it growing a skin of a living body. As the air is “breathed” into the structure, rubbery pleura gradually rips away from the walls and floors, inverting the entire house like a glove. 




Its contours and masses fill up and deform as if driven by a sudden flood, dragging along various paraphernalia of domestic life; chairs, tables, cups. When the process reverses and the air is sucked out, the skin returns awkwardly into its old coordinates and the room shifts back into place. The whole aspect of strangeness hiding within the familiar, of borders that are not fixed, of body-space mimesis, is firmly in the terrain of perceptual uncanny where objects are alive and reality is unstable. While the first transformation is one of invading mass and morphed silhouette, the second one seems temporal, with time trickling backwards - like a footage in reverse, a warp.

The Project was developed in close collaboratio with






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